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Basic Guide to The Thirty Years War

The Thrity Years' War

Historical Background
  • Since the execution of Jan Hus in 1415, Bohemia has been hotbed of contention between Protestants and Catholics
  • By 1600, Protestants outnumbered Catholics in Bohemia, but Protestants were fragmented into denominations or sects
  • Catholics forbade Protestants to build churches in towns where Protestant churches did not already exist
  • Fernidad II was to be new King of Bohemia, Protestants feared for the worst
The Defenestration of Prague - Protestants set up a meeting with Cathodic officials in Prague on May 23, 1618. When the meeting went badly, the Protestants seized two Catholic officials and tossed them out the window. They also tossed a secretary out too just for the lulz. 

The Defenestration of Prague was the spark that ignited the Thirty years war.

Thirty Years War has four phases:
  1. The Bohemian Phase
  2. The Danish Phase
  3. The Swedish Phase
  4. The French Phase

The Thirty Years' War started out because of religious conflicts, but soon developed into an international war of politics.

While the war started as a religious war, the war healed no religious wounds.

The Peace of Westphalia
  • Ended the war in 1648
  • Recognized sovereignty of the 300+ German princes
  • Treaties disallowed papal meddling in German religious affairs
  • Upheld the Peace of Augsburg, Nullified the Edict of Restitution
Because of the vast majority of the fighting that took place in Germany, the German states suffered more than any other participants.

The Holy Roman Empire historically had more influence in Germany than anywhere else in Europe; therefore, the sovereignty of the German princes essentially meant the end of the Holy Roman Empire.


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